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Assembled components are extensively tested in every case prior to dispatch from our manufacturing plant.. Documents Similar To Manual Sly Injection A Word about Piracy 2 Cliches and expressions origins.. The system uses an ultra fast injector manufactured for us by Matrix this is one of the fastest gas injector on the market and is very reliable and accurate.

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Technical installation manual rev Lpg/cng interface usb x2 e DIGITRONIC: Digitronic-DGI_v10.. E gas,automotive gas components buy lpg cng system product on alibaba com E gas sly injection software as a service.. Egas Sly Injection Software DownloadE Gas Sly Injection Software As A Service Average ratng: 9,9/10 3628votes Usb lpg interface cable egas e gas sly injectionid 35.

injection software

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EAS EGS(Euro Gas Service): ARGO, EGS EKO ENERGY REFORM: Energy_Reform_v6 0 9 eGas SLY-INJECTION, E-GAS MCE, NDE, QDE.. The injectors are staged we found six could handle just over 200 rwkw with the largest sized nozzles fitted,so 12 should be able to handle 400rwkw,but i have heard my lock off valves,tanks,lines will start to become a problem after 300rwkw.

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We test each and every component that we produce Components made for us are made to our specifications and fully inspected at the point of delivery.. I first thought the heat shield would have been a good idea aswell but the guys that fitted it for me said it shouldnt be a drahma,wich it hasnt been yet.

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We ran 280rwkw no hassles on egas tank Keep the questions coming mate i love the attention haha There are a few v8 setups i know of running 16 injectors both of them are pulling some massive numbers.. I havent really checked if it has two service lines hey it was a factory egas at first,but i would dare say they just ran a t-piece for the converters.. Our ECU’s heart is the core software which is written in house and which we load into the ECU test in every case.. E-gas Sly Injection SoftwareEgas Sly Injection Software DownloadQuality: We pride our company on the quality of the components and the service we offer to our installation network.. 0, AEB, FAST DYMCO: Dymco_OBD_ECU Destro_8SV EMER: Emer_6 0IC, Emer Frank EMMEGAS: ICS-03, ECU-07 ElpigazN.. Not to put a damper on your day we did a turbo vapour egas conversion 4-5 years ago so supercharged maybe? It made 236rwkw with stage two crow cams and a raptor supercharger,but then back down to 214rwkw when i took the cams out and intercooled it,its running 8psi with a 10:7:1 comp wich gives alot of usable tourqe especially in the midrange.. Impianti a gpl sly injection di e gas Lpg c04eg e gas sly injection lpg interface.. Technology: The e-GAS SLY system uses state of the art electronic components In particular the ECU is our own design and uses surface mount technology and an ultra fast microprocessors to control the injection system. 5ebbf469cd


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